District Administration
Role of Tehsildar and Naib-Tehsildar

The officer incharge of a tehsil is called Tehsildar. However, there is no substantial difference in the revenue and magisterial duties of a Tehsildar and a Naib-Tehsildar, In revenue matters, both exercise the powers of Assistant Collector, Grade II, in their circles as Circle Revenue Officers. Tahsildars and Naib-Tahsildars are appointed as ex officio Executive Magistrates in the district of their posting provided they have passed the respective prescribed Departmental Examinations in Criminal Law Paper by the Lower Standard as well as in the Language Paper. However, a Tehsildar is vested with powers of Assistant Collector, Grade I, with regard to the partition cases, which power he exercises in whole of the tahsil; the Naib-Tehsildars are not vested with this power. For elections to the Vidhan Sabha, a Tehsildar is, invariably be appointed as Assistant Returning Officer for the constituency/constituencies falling in his tehsil.

The Tehsildars and Naib-Tehsildars are responsible for collection of land revenue and other dues payable to the Government. To remain in touch with the subordinate revenue staff, to observe the seasonal conditions and condition of crops, to listen to the difficulties of the cultivators and to distribute the taccavi loans, the Tahsildar and Naib-Tahsildars extensively tour the areas in their jurisdiction. They decide urgent matters on the spot, like correction of entries in the account books, providing relief to the people faced with natural calamities, etc. They also sit in the courts to settle disputes of tenancy, arrears of rent ejectment of tenants, entries in account books, etc. besides doing other kind of work.

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