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New Electricity Connection

What is New Electricity Connection?

With UHBVN, getting a new electricity connection for your home is so much quicker and easier just follow this step approach which covers the entire process of brightening up your homes and lives.

How do I apply for New Connection?

To apply for a new connection you need to visit you nearest Divisional / Sub Divisional UHBVN office, where you would be required to fill up the requisition form for new connection.

Documents Required:

You will be required to submit some documents along with the form.

1. Ownership sale agreement

2. Election ID

3. Ration Card

4. Passport size photographs

5. Possession /Allotment Letter (Government Premises)

6. Land Lord’s No Objection Certificate (in case of tenant).

7. Two witness with their photocopy of electricity bill same sub division.

8. Urban Area: copy of sale deed or assessment copy of house rent.

9. Rural Area : verification by concern village sarpanch

10. No objection certificate from other owners if applicant is joint owner of the property.

Information required in addition to the above are:

Test report verified by Government authorized electrical contractor stating details of the connected load of electrical appliances present in your premises.

What is the cost of Application form?

The requisition form is available free of cost.


After submission of requisition form you will get acknowledgment slip mentioning details of the dated of submission of new connection application form and a unique application number. Thereafter an electrical engineer will visit your premised to verify the details you have submitted; of the load connected and the dues existing at your site. Based on his verification, your application will be accepted or rejected. If the connection is sanctioned a demand note will be raised and you will need to deposit the requisite amount at the UHBVN office.

Expected Delivery Period – 8 working days

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