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Sanction Of Mutation Of Land

What is Mutation?

Mutation (Intkal) is process through which owner’s name or his particular like liabilities get changed because of some type of transactions. The type of transaction may be one of the following.

Sale registered deed:

1. Inheritance – Change of Ownership because of death of the Owner.

2. Division of Land within the family.

3. Pledge / Release-Change in liabilities because of loan from bank or repayment to bank.

4. Court Decree-based on the court order.

5. Alienation –Conversion of land from agriculture to other purpose.

6. Acquisition by Government for public purpose.

7. Grand of land by Government to poor people.

How do I get a mutation of land?

Office: HALRIS Centre in the Tehsil level.


Farmer Submit Application at HALRIS Centre with Complete Documents i.e.

1. Registered Deed 2. Copy of Court order 3. Any Extra Documents.

Then Operator will give Receipt to the Farmer with Target DateKanungo verify the Mutation Tehsildar Sanctioned the Kachha Mutation and pass an order on the same 3 copies after Verified by patwari First copy of sanctioned Mutation is for Patwari record, second copy of sanctioned Mutation is for record room Concerned Patwari return the third copy of sanctioned mutation to HALRIS Centre and Computer operator Incorporate the sanctioned mutation and keep the record.

Fee Details:

Sanction of Mutation of Land:

  • Rs. 100 /- per Mutation
  • 30 per khewat
  • 10 per khatoni
  • 5 per Khaton

Expected Delivery Period- 15 days

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